This Friday, July 31st, will be the three-year anniversary of the day when thousands of South Carolinians lost their jobs after SCANA, Fluor, and others decided to abandon the project that was supposed to result in the construction of two pressurized water reactors at the VC Summer Nuclear Station near Jenkinsville, in Fairfield County.

Immediately after the project was discontinued, the employment lawyers at GaffneyLewis began to fight. For almost three years, GaffneyLewis’ employment team has worked to ensure that those who lost their jobs have been protected and that they will be paid all that they are due. Within days after the project ended, attorney Amy Gaffney held a public meeting in Winnsboro with over 800 former employees of SCANA, Fluor and other contractors to talk with them about possible claims they may have as a result of the loss of their jobs. Gaffney knew that the losses the employees and the local community felt would be significant. Click here for news coverage of the meeting in 2017.

Working with lawyers from the Charleston firm of Yarborough Applegate, GaffneyLewis employment lawyers fought and ultimately secured a settlement of over $1.5 million for a class of 60 Fluor employees who worked at VC Summer who had not been properly paid overtime wages as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act. That case settled less than one year after the project’s abrupt end.

Today, almost three years after the project’s demise, the employment team at GaffneyLewis continues to represent thousands of former employees of the failed project who are seeking payment of wages under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act of 1988. That case was filed in August 2017 and will ultimately go to trial in April 2021 in Columbia, South Carolina.

Disclaimer: Prior results achieved by Gaffney, Lewis & Edwards do not guarantee a similar outcome for other clients.



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