Litigation isn’t the only option


We’ve Been Accused of Thriving Off Of Complex Legal Cases

Litigation isn’t the only option. At Lewis Blain Roberts & Boyd we believe a party cannot thoroughly evaluate its options and make the best choice until all the facts are known.

Often times, companies and institutions throughout South Carolina turn to us when they need assistance with potential legal issues in the workplace, not for purposes of providing legal advice, but in order to serve as a neutral investigator, gathering facts and data that will be critical when the business and its attorney weigh the available options. Armed with the information that we, as the investigator, compile, the business and its attorney can fashion a strategy that may ultimately keep the business from ever litigating the issue.

Defending Your Business Is Our Business

It takes more than knowledge of the law to defend a business against a customer’s claim. It requires investigative skills and the ability to evaluate facts and assess the client’s risk.

Specifically, companies and institutions throughout South Carolina have turned to us when they are facing one or more of the following workplace issues:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Employee Disputes
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Discharge/Termination of Employment
  • Student-on Student and Student-on-Faculty Allegations
  • Violations of Title IX

There are many reasons to engage an investigator who is not your attorney and who has no other connection to your company. The most obvious reason is that the business is more likely to receive an unbiased assessment of potential outcomes when the investigator is not also the company’s advocate. Our investigators have extensive knowledge that comes from years of handling employment claims, so they view the evidence they gather in any investigation with an eye for the applicable laws and regulations. This familiarity with the law enables the Lewis Blain Roberts & Boyd investigators to ask the right questions and provide feedback to the company so it and its counsel may thoughtfully consider all options and then select the appropriate course of action.

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